Classical Composer
ANCIENT EVENINGS: "The orchestra reveled in the evocative and passionate passages of the musical epic."
-The London Free Press

Chamber Music with Percussion

LIBERA ME DOMINE  for Two Saxophonists and Three Percussionists 15'  Peter Ware
Free Saxophone and Percussion MP3 excerpt of Libera Me Domine 1st movement
"Ware's textures are carefully calculated. Fragments of saxophone licks and jazz-like scales disappear into distant clouds of vibraphone trills, only to rematerialize and glide back." - The Cincinnati Enquirer
A fantasy-variation based on the Latin responsorial of the burial service, the work was written to commemorate the musicians who died in the 1977 Beverly Hills Supper Club fire.  Opening with a canon between the bongos and timbales, the chant is rhythmitized to the non-pitch percussion as the saxophones interact with jazz licks and syncopations which transform the chant.  The second Lagriomoso section is a lament for two soprano saxophones and trap set; the closing Lento  employs  two alto saxophones, cymbals, vibraphones, tam tams, celesta and button gong in extensive imitation.   The first saxophonists plays soprano saxophone and alto saxophone, and the second saxophonists plays alto saxophone and tenor tenor saxophone.  Score 27 p. Score & Parts  AE551  $49.98
Free Saxophone and Percussion MP3 excerpt of Libera Me Domine 2nd Movement 
Free saxophone and Percussion MP3 excerpt of Libera Me Domine 3rd Movement